Victoria’s work has appeared in galleries, film festivals and theaters. her work is hybrid DOCUMENTARY and video art, often capturing the murky in-betweens of storytelling. Her film on a vodou HAITIAN priest MONSIEUR le President went on to premiere in doc nyc film festival. it was selected as one of the PRESTIGIOUS viewfinder films where directors are chosen for their unique storytelling. The film was picked up by virgil DISTRIBUTION. Her film house of bones, a meditation on family and how they inhabit a space, was screened in front of a 1000 person audience on Martha’s vineyard. it is part of the filmmaker’s COOPERATIVE collection in nyc and also screened at historic MILLENNIUM film workshop of the east village,nyc. her video art and short films have premiered at film festivals and been shown in galleries in nYc and massachusetts.

 Education: BA, Bard College 1998. MFA: The School of Visual Arts 2013 Documentary/Film