my experimental/narrative shorts have appeared in Williamsburg Film Festival, Martha's Vineyard Film Festival, Millennium Theatre, NYC downtown shorts, Iceland Film Festival and Toronto Indie Shorts Festival. I have completed three feature length documentaries titled "House of Bones"- a personal story on my family and the house in which we once lived. THE HUNT FOR GOOD AMERICANS film/video sketch and art work which Abigail Pope and I created together appeared in Westport Gallery (MA), Underline Gallery (NYC) and The Drilling Co. Theatre (NYC). Currently I am in the midst of screening/working the festival circuit with a film about a Haitian Voodoo priest I have followed for 3 years, MONSIEUR le PRESIDENT (interview .....!Filmmaker-Victoria-Campbell/qnv4i/5692bae50cf2e0992566a996

  My work is collected in odds and ends, somewhat journal-like and combined memory, it tends to probe the personal and hopes to stretch people in how they see and think. My work includes theatre, photography, documentary/video and the written word. I like the outcasts of the world, those who live on the periphery.

 Education: BA, Bard College 1998. MFA: The School of Visual Arts 2013 Documentary/Film